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intake sizes

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I'm looking at a dejon tool air intake, does it matter how big I get it? My first choice is the 3.25" one becuase it's the biggest but wil that not fit on my 1g?
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hopefully the mods will move this to the correct forum. all you need is a reducer you can get them at your local rice shop or about any vendor here for a few dollars. i have a 3" intake and just got a 2.25" reducer to 3" and it fit on the 14b like a champ
if you want a good intake go with a 144 intake they are very nice.
Well I have the stock 1g turbo and I doubt I'll change that anytime soon, so do you know what intake size I should go with? And I was just thinking of getting a dejon tool, it's decent stuff
go with a 3" unless you plan on getting a big turbo then go 4". Also why pay 100 plus for an intake when the above was mentioned? I got mine from a guy here named stapl3 he makes them for 45 bucks. Does the same thing Dejon's does and all the other that are out there that are 100 plus. Check around there are less expensive ones. An intake is an intake. but it's your money
Well, I don't plan on getting a larger turbo unless it's down the road. And I was thinking about ordering from ebay and what not but I just really don't trust that. I'de rather pay 80 dollars for something I know is secure and good built.
Go on the dejon site, i bought one from them and all I have to say , it top notch quality.
Alright thanks man. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go with their 3" straight intake with a K&N filter.
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