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Intercooler for Eclipse??? HELP

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I have a 97 Eclipse GST. I'm lookin to buy an intercooler for it but when I looked at them there were 24V, 24R, 18V, and 18R. Which one do I need or how can I find out which one I need??? :confused:
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i'm not familiar with that terminology, is this for a front mount intercooler or a side mount?
Ok first of all, Are you looking to by a front mount intercooler?, What kind of turbo do you have now on your car?, if its stock turbo and you havent touched the turbo yet, dont even bother with any kind of aftermarket intercooler untill you upgrade your turbo. Your car will be slower if you get a fmic with stock turbo.
hes talking about the greddy cores, the 24 is the biggest of the two. if you gotta chose between either two i'd go for the 24, not sure which one was the better one though, the V or the R, its been a while since i read up on them. but from i read up, its better to get a kit with shorter routed piping, greddy goes the long way around (slightly longer spool up, longer pipes to fill up before it gets to the engine) and i heard that their cores arent too sturdy.
That is a designation that Greddy uses to separate their two different core sizes. Greddy is by far not the best option out there anymore. Take some time to shop around at the different vendors before spending your hard early moolah. There is another almost identical thread in parts talk so if you have questions as to what intercooler is better continue that converstation there.
thanks guys that helps....but yea i am running on a stock turbo setup with a stock intercooler right now....will my car really perform worse or slower if i put a front mount intercooler on a stock turbo??? :confused:
I think the greddy 18 or 24 would be a great choice for a first timer. The cost is there-800 for whole set-up new. Plus the instructions are very clear. They may not be the best, but its plenty efficient for the everydaydriver.
The pipe routing is looooong though. When it was the only choice that was fine. :)

There really won't be much to gain by putting a fmic on a stock T25 car. Much better places to spend your money. I know, I know....it does look cool. ;)
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