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Intercooler? What size?

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Alright guys Whats it gonna do to run a massive intercooler on a turbo that doesn't need it?

Heres what I mean I can get a 28" long by 12 high by 3 deep intercooler for cheap, its overkill for a 16g I know, but is it gonna hurt performance or anything? Whats the drawback if any to having to big of an intercooler?
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Not much really... im guessing air will take a little longer to go through, but it'll be cooler...
Lol, logic^. Unless you PLAN on going larger, I would go for something that more fits your setup. I believe it will be a little laggy with a HUGE unneeded intercooler.

and after using the search button, which we all have the capabilities to do, i found THIS THREAD. scroll down a little bit and the answers will flow.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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