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Interior Pics...

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Well, it isn't very custom besides the black panels I swapped in and the AFC install but it is a start for your thread.


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evo3gsx What kind of gauge package is that? Did you get it off ebay? do you have any pics of it at night? I like it during the day but at night it im worried it would look dumb. thanks
evo3gsx said:
Ummm are you talking about the guage cluster? If so, it is stock.
Sorry, i forgot that the 99 models came with stock white face gauges.
Anybody have pictures of Autometer Phantom II gauges in thier car?
jjmoskoe said:
Where did you get the HVAC controls and speedo and tach gauges???
The Speedo and Tach gauges are from ProCarParts.com which puts some of thier stuff on ebay. They are like 50 bucks shipped or so.
darkestxnight said:
no they didnt? have you seen sam's eclipse andy.. thats a 99 and has the same black gauges all the 2gen's had
The turbo models do.
billsbury said:
Here is a pic of my interior

OK so this may be a dumb question, But if you do this you lose out on your vents correct? Is there any way to reroute the air/heat? But i think the idea is awsome and i think im going to do the same thing.
Do you have any pics of it? Thanks
^^^ That is what im thinking of doing.

I currently have a 90 TSI and i have the Autometer Ultra Lite: Boost, Air/Fuel, Water temp, volt and Oil Pressure, all sitting in my room. I have the reciepts for all gauges so i can take them back.

Do you guys like the Phantom series or the Ultra lite series? I cant decide which series to use.
Where did you get your Triple pillar pod? I got mine from Glowshift and there is NO way it will fit.
^^^HAHA thats funny as hell. I think you are my new Hero. lol
Cool location for your turbo timer.
My 95 TSI AWD.

To come soon: Cd player, Turbo timer, Logger, and Shift Lite.

(P.S- Sorry about the picture quality, my camera sucks.)
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katchup said:
mine, black and tan interior
How did you get your shift knob that short?
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