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Is blown head gasket all i have ???

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my cay has a blwon head gasket i know that ... it smoked white smoke everywhere when it blew and smelled like 100 percent coolant .. but now the car has a severe noise problem when i start the car ... its like a loud tick just super loud .. is this normal ?? or is there something else wrong .. ??
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ok is the engine making the tick after you replaced the head gasket or have you not replaced the head gasket yet?
i havent replaced it yet .. ?
They are your HLAs. Pretty normal on our cars. Just make sure you have enough oil in it. They tend to get super loud when you're running low.
Is it a knock or a tick? If it overheated badly you may have caused more severe problems.
its loud ass ticks .. loud where the neighbors will call the cops after 10 ... well when it blew i had to drive 2 towns over but the car didnt overheat anywhere past 3 quarters ..
Lifters shouldn't be that loud. Where is the ticking originating from?
i cant really tell .. its too loud .. maybe its compression leaking ?? because the gasket blew so bad ?
Sounds to me like the coolant mixed with the oil and it got so bad that you spun a rod bearing. I would drop your oil pan, pull the rod caps off and inspect your bearings before you throw a rod through your block.
i dont think so because the absolute second it blew the noise came .. it wasent like it took time to mix
maybe its jus leaking compression
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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