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Is my 90 Talon TSI worth fixing????

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well as i wrote in my other thread i have been through a crap loads a problems with my 1990 eagle talon. every week it'd seem like something else went wrong but we get the car runnin good for a month and a half then it seized up. with it having 147,000 miles on it do you think its worth fixin? i want to build it for racing but am unsure yet please fill in with your info. heres the pictures but my camera is a peace of crap so the pictures came out odd colored but guves you an ok impression of the car....

If they don't show up on this page then i will be happy to e-mail you them or PM you the pictures my SN is WashburnHSS
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sorry about the pictures just look at them in my photo gallery.
Hell I would say any DSM is worth saving. I have a 90 lazer RS Turbo. And when I first got it I had to fix up alot too. CV joint, Struts, Motor mounts,tune-up, rotors and brake pads and the list it still going. I mean our cars are about to turn 16 years old. But what the hell I love my car!
yea i know man every time i think about that car my heart races cause i love that car as if she were my girlfriend lol. 1G's are the most sweetest cars i've ever driven and i've driven plenty of sports cars....
From my experience with dsms man don't get rid of it unless the car is CURSED, my 1st dsm was cursed cause I believe it had a thrown rod bearing. I'm on my 4th dsm now which I got a hell of a good deal on(only 2k with a SHITLOAD of mods) and All it has really problem wise are oil leaks(currently fixing it redoing the oil pan gasket with RTV). Other than that All I need are cams and a solid clutch setup and I'm done for the day hahaha solid 12 second car baby.
i dunno man, i was in the same dilemma as you. i have a 94 gsx with 144,000 on it. and i've defintiely fixed it from what it was. i bought it from some guy that treated it like shit and tried to turn it into a ricerocket (neon lights, purple flames, and big muffler tip) it doesn't have any of that anymore and now has a 16g turbo. but everything seems to go down the shitter with it. so i made the decision to start over. i just bought a 92 tsi awd with only 69,000 on it and everything is sooo much nicer. even down to the automatic seatbelt and unlocking the car with the key. i recommend buying something newer. or in my case older with less miles. because i'm very very happy. and it only cost me 900 dollars.
i acually found a out my buddy has a engine from the same model talon as mine and hes offerin cheap so i guess i won't buy another talon. i was gonna buy a 95 AWD talon TSI from my couzin but i like the 1G's better. i just got an offer of racing for pinks up against a Civic CRX, i know i'll smoke the fucker (after my cars finished) but am not sure if he has many mods so its a hard decision. Should I?
140MPHTALON said:
i just got an offer of racing for pinks up against a Civic CRX, i know i'll smoke the fucker (after my cars finished) but am not sure if he has many mods so its a hard decision. Should I?
It sounds like a dumb idea to me. :rolleyes:

Congrats on the acquiring an engine though. The 1gs are nicer IMO.
IMO, all DSMs are worth fixing, especially if you can do most of the work yourself. From your pics, she is definitely worth saving.
As far as racing for pinks, no way. Even if his car runs 15's and yours runs 11's. You never know when you might miss a shift, etc. :( He has everything to gain (a DSM :D ) and nothing to lose (a Honda :rolleyes: ) lol
My 92 GSX spun a rod bearing a couple weeks ago and I came to the conclusion it's not worth fixing. For the ~4 years I've owned it something is always breaking and I've already dumped thousands into it in repairs. It's never gonna work as a reliable daily driver. Instead, I decided to pick up 2G N/T cheap with absolutely zero problems. I've been driving it for a month now and don't have any regrets. Bye bye GSX (probably going to donation).
Ahhh the dreadful DSM curse. Yes I've had that happen to me once again my first 90 GSX. POS either had blowby or a spun rod bearing. Mother f'ing POS had fresh oil in their for one week and then I drained it and bam it looked like dirty black $hit corroded expired(you get the picture) milk. :)
screw that i wouldn't want to loose my precious DSM. well i have a few people wanting to race me tho. A moron in a jeep wrangler lol and a firebird. I think when the cars all done i'd have a good chance with the firebird. But anyways i'm not any perfect mechanic, but i got a professional drag racer that said he'd help me build the car and he'd get me some sponsers so i hope this racin career is gonna work out for me. This racer is one of the best (motorcycle) racer in my state. He raps 187 MPH in the quarter mile, in alittle less than 7 secs. He builds cars for drag to so i would assume he knows his shit. But i have noticed that the oil (6 weeks after change) is all corroded and shit. But oh well i'm not a big fan of the 2G's so i'd rather stick with 1G's.
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