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Is posible to make 1.8 in 60ft?

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I got a eclipse spyder 1999
we got 394whp
The point is that i want to make a decent 60ft like 1.8-1.7
This are my mods for making the 1.8

-15inch rims
-Mickey Thompson DOT APRROVED wheels 255/50/15 (this wheel are dot approved but are 0 of treawear)
-COIL OVER ( very low in the front of the car very high in the back of the car )

Is posible with this traction mods make 1.8-1.7? what another mod I can make for traction?
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maybe some bad ass shocks and polyurethen supesion insertes.
projecteclipse9 said:
maybe some bad ass shocks and polyurethen supesion insertes.
I got the Front support make SOLID my mecanic take the support and take away all the material inside and put some metal
Its possible, its takes a good driver and a well prepped track.
This guy has a FWD that puts down faster than 1.8 60ft, but he is much lighter:
Bigger tires in front.
Smaller tires in rear (skinnies).
Hard springs in the rear.
Weight savings.
Try lower boost level off the line to keep from spinning as much.
Try some limiting straps up front to keep the front end from unloading the tires.
Try making some changes on the tire pressure too. Lower is not always better. Those tires get too a point where they wad up when the pressure is too low and they don't grip as well.
Wheelie bars could help.
Undeniably, practice makes perfect. Keep trying. You will get better.
Most fwd guys can cut those kind of 60's (1.8s) with just slicks and not tons of suspension work. An LSD is going to help obviously.
With what you have done to the car already you should without a doubt be able to nail down those kind of times.
Im FWD and most of my 60'' are in the 1.8. Average is 1.8X
Convert it to AWD :cool:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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