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is this a 94 talon 2.0 or a 94 eclipse 1.8?

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i was looking at this "talon" when i decided to carfax it...the car info came up as a 1.8l sohc eclipse not 94 talon es....which do you guys think it is:

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the 1.8L's have a flat hood, they don't have to clear the cam gears. But appearances can be deceiving. I had a friend of mine with a 92 Talon AWD that the title/VIN said was a 91 Eclipse 1.8L.
Only the 1990-1991 1.8L eclipse/talon/lasers had the flat hood. The 92-94s were all the same. Also, it has talon sideskirts, spoiler and a front bumper cover. I'd be willing to say its a Talon. but if its an ES, its just a 1.8L talon and shouldn't really make a difference anyways.
I had a 94 eagle talon DL, it was a 1.8l, you never really know untill you look under the hood, night be a 0 liter :D It looks like a 1.8 to me though.
the tires look a little larger than the 14" stock DL...
Definately a 2.0L ES. The Talon DL(1.8L) dosent have the sideskirts and also dosent come with any 16" wheel package.

Another note. Talon's didnt come with the 1.8L until 1992, therefore never had a flat hood. Only the 90-91 Eclipse/Laser 1.8L had the flat hood.
You never know till you pop the hood. Any options that are on that car could defineatly be done after the car was purchanced, especially since it has aftermarket fogs. The wheels look like stealth wheels too.
They are Talon wheels. And it could be anything. Pop the hood and see what kind of motor it's got in it. The body has nothing to do with it at all.
That is a Talon ES with the 2.0 N/T engine, I have a 93 Talon ES with 2.0 N/T and it looks identical to that. The rims are 16in chrome plated metal wheels the factory wheels on an ES. and to my knowledge the 1.8's didn't come out with a sunroof. I got a 94 Talon DL with a 1.8 and it doesn't have a sunroof and neither does it have ground effects like the ES does.

I could be wrong but I seriously doubt it.
Looks wise, assuming that's how it left the factory, save the fog lamps, it's a Talon ES with the 2.0L engine. Since you carfaxed it, you have the VIN. It will tell you what engine is in it.
TrAb said:

Probably has the 5.0 lol
w00t! Girlies on stand by, just waiting to say HI.. Ice Ice BABY! LMAO

Yeah, I would say this looks just like a 94 ES 4 sure. If I could get an ass shot I could tell for sure.
pop the hood is the only way man, my DL had 16 " rims and side skirts and its a 1.8. to bad it wasn't a colored car. then we could prolly guess by the rear spoiler *hint hint* only real DSMers know that trick.

it looks like their is a 16 vaulve DOCH sticker on the back under the vent but i could be wrong it could be a reflection.
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