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Is this stroker a good deal

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Hey guys tell me if below is a good deal. I am replacing my 7 bolt crankwalk engine with this 6 bolt stroker. Will everything on my 7 bolt bolt up to the 6?

ok the motor has a new 2.3 crank from slowboy racing, new ross forged 9:1 stroker pistons that are ceramic coated tops and teflon coated pistons, new rings, double spiral locks, eagle h-beam rods, arp rod bolts and main studs, arp head studs, balance shaft elim kit, clevite rod and main bearings, block is bored .020 over,balanced to the stock dampener, new oil pump assembly, new gaskets, and the block has been o-ringed, and had the oil squirters plugged. it doesnt have a warranty because he never warranties any performance parts.. but if it did have soemthing wrong at startup im sure he would be more then willing to fix it. the lowest i will go is $1500 + shipping. and that is a VERY good deal.. i have the receipts for all the parts in the motor and you will receive those if you bought this to.
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anyone got any info? I would like to know befor I buy this engine...
I would buy it, but I dont think SBR is really known for good engines or not. Quality parts are one thing, but assembly of these quality parts is another.
ive heard good things about SBR, but i have never really looked into there motors
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