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isc or boost leak?

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ok, once the car (90 GSx AWd) gets warm just sitting in the drive way, the isc per the datalogger is going from 20%-1% back and forth and the idle goes from 1000 up to 1600(peaked once at 2100) then down to 600 and the car sometimes dies, if I unplug the isc ground(wire on top) the car idles high but doesnt stall, it was unhooked when I bought it. still think I have a boost leak but don't have a way to check it yet. will a boost leak make the idle go up and down and the isc to go back and forth?

still getting the car up to speed and once I fix the little stuff, victor will tune it, jsut trying to find where to start on this, also what is the
line that runs from the back left side of the valve cover to the intake?
I think it's leaking oil but want to know what it is first.
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it sounds like the ISC. I had that same problem not too long ago. just change the ISC and your find. take a look at the ECU Hopfully that the caps have been change or you ECU will fry up. One more thing the Knock Sensor is pretty much, dead now, have a look if it need to be change.
Thanks, I'll replace it.

Why the knock sensor? I am getting some knock up high, but not much.
then again I haven't gone above 4000 but 2 or 3 times.

once I get all the leaks fixed, and victor to tune it, then I'll start playing.

is there a way to check the caps to see if they have been replaced or not?
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