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If you do not care to read the review, you can skip to the "CONCLUSION" section below.

Before I begin, I just want to say that Paul who I talked too seemed like a good guy and I have no issues with the people at JNZ, just the product that I personally received. I will try to make this as least confusing as possible. This was my experience with "JNZ Tuning".

I wanted to get my valve cover shaved, and powder-coated. So I called JNZ and spoke to Paul on the phone before I sent in the valve cover. I decided to go with JNZ because I assumed that they would be able to do this for me in a supirior quality than any local shop. I explained to him that I wanted it shaved, even the casting marks shaved off all around the base because I wanted it to be flawless. He was nice and told me to send it right in and they could do it for me; Shaved and powder-coated candy blue. He did say that there would possibly be some MINOR imperfections where the casting marks are (around the base) because they cannot add material, just shave it away; which I was obviously fine with; So I sent it in.

After waiting 2 weeks I called to see what the status of it was;They did not start it. I called once a week, every week after that to see the progress. It was very difficult to get them to answer the phone most times and would have to call through out the day to get them to answer the phone, some days I did not get anyone to answer all day.

Long story short, It took 6 WEEKS until I got the call that it was done. Paul told me on the phone it took them 4 hours. I promptly payed the $175 for it PLUS $15 shipping back to me. So total cost plus shipping to and from I payed $205.

(Pictures are attached below for reference of the paint job)

I received the cover and was extremely disappointed in the quality of what I received for $205 and 6 weeks of waiting. I called JNZ and spoke to Paul again and he told me to send pictures. I sent the EXACT same pictures as below to him. He said he would call me Monday. After waiting the weekend I called at noon Monday and called a few more times all day with no answer. Finally at 5pm he called me back.

This is a short version of the long conversation I had with Paul about how unhappy I was. He told me that the candy paint doesn't come out well and that's why they don't like it. He told me that he has had "way to many complaints over the years" about the candy paint; which I responded "You should not offer that color then if there have been that many complaints. I did not order a custom color, It is an option on your website that you offer." I kept stressing how upset I was about the quality of the finished product to him and he really did not seem to care. I asked if I could have it re-done and he told me the best thing that he could do for me is I could have it re-done in a different color for "only $50". So he offered me just $25 off the normal price to get something powder-coated there ($75). If I were to do that plus the $15 shipping both ways that would be another $80. I do not need to spend $285 to get a valve cover shaved and powder-coated..

I would NOT get anything powder-coated from JNZ Tuning if I were you. After 6 weeks of waiting and $205 later I received a lousy paint job and a load of excuses. I guess the saying "you get what you pay for" is not true when it comes to JNZ. Get your items powder-coated elsewhere. You have been warned.

Pictures of the valve cover-
(There were even more imperfections than these, but these are the most visible.)

Left side near breather-

Close up of last-

Top center-

Close up of the right side of last-

Top left-

Front right side bolt area, very visible-

Cam gear side-

Spark plug area-

Spark plug area-
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