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Jp90Talon's Ride!

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Well I bought this car from a local DSMr about 3 years ago as a rolling chassis after he got fed up with it and decided to part it out. I have slowly been piecing it back together.

Pics before I bought it (before it was parted out and parked under a pine tree for over a year.)

Bay after a little cleaning

Engine installed



Battery relocation

Kill switch



15 gal fuel cell

Hatch waiting for paint and lexan


Ram air intake

Few shots with The Darkness

Random shots

Mods so far
-Magnus smim
-Magnus billet fuel rail
-Magnus IM heat barrier gasket
-DN performance trubular exaust manifold
-VP tubular o2 housing with Tial 40mm external gate
-TRE race tranny
-Jay racing alternator relocation kit*
-Fidanza Flywheel
-ACT 2600 with sprung 6 puk
-Full polyurathane motor mounts
-Haltech E6K
-Buschur COP setup
-MSD dis2
-AEM wideband o2
-Greddy TT
-880cc inj
-an-6 fuel feed lines
-Braided SS brake lines
-Braided SS oil feed/return
-Aeromotive FPR
-walbro 255hp pump
-VIS Racing CF Hood
-Buschur 3" turboback
-Tial 50mm bov
-Autometer Boost Gauge
-Autometer EGT Gauge
-Nordskog FP Gauge
-Nordskog Oil PSI gauge
-Nordskog Water Temp gauge
-Fidanza short throw shifter
-Battery recocated to the trunk
-92-94 Talon Rear bumper/light conversion
-Fluidyne radiator
-Slimline fan
-Black Recaro racing seats and harnesses
-No Metal Bumpers
-No AC
-No Cruise
-No Power Steering
-Weight reduction to the max
-Rota Slipstreams with Hoosier quicktime pros for the track and Rx-7s with Eagle F1's for the street.

For track use only...
-3" exaust out the driver fender
-Gutted manual window doors
-Gutted spoilerless hatch with lexan
-3" Ram intake through passenger side headlight

Waiting in my garage
-Eagle/Ross block
-BS elim kit
-Race built/ported head
-4pt race cage
-K-sport coilovers
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Bumpin an old thread, ban me.

JP what's the deal man, you don't post on the local forums anymore. Did you give up on this project or what? Is it still a 4x4? I want an update and to see this thing moving under its own power, man!

Last I saw it was @ hooters 2 years ago.
LOL no banning for the bump. I havent touched her in >1year. Still have the suspension sitting in the box and a ton of goodies waiting to go on. Unfortunately with work and working on the new house so that I can move, I havent had a single moment to even think of either DSMs. Trust me I havent forgotten about her.....just not the highest on my list of priorities right now.
Well it would be on my highest priority list.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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