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just a little tune up

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ok, i just purchased a 92 talon tsi awd for $200. i just couldnt pass it up! the bad things about it are it has 187,000mi. on it and it needed a tranny.(automatic) so i purchased one and i almost have the old one out. i was told that the tranny i bought had about 100,000mi. on it, so i was wondering if i should change the oil in it, and what kind should i use? also, what kind of things should i perform on a car with that high of mileage before i start installing the go-fast parts? like things to make it perform a little better.
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Your transmission takes ATF-4 or if you go to a dealer, you can buy Diamond Star ATF.
Normal maintenance is usually a timing belt, water pump, sometimes a reman oil pump. Check tie rods, wheel bearings and all the stuff. When purchasing a car you should also change every fluid in the car, you have no idea of knowing what or how long anything has been in there.
thanks a loy for your input! i never thought anyone would answer me...haha
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