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Just bought my first DSM!

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And for that matter my first car, so far I love it. 94' Talon ES Auto, I know the car is kind of gutless but hey it was affordable and available and I figured I am probably better off in the long run buying a bit of a starter car so that I make all the mistakes us first time owners make on something that isn’t my dream car.

Anyhow I’ve had the car for just over and week and fixed the interior, the car is now missing nothing but a trunk trim fastener, console cup holder and 3 vent flaps from the driver side vent. The next trip to pick-a-part should yield me all of these pieces. Now since I’m putting new tires on and the car is sitting warm in the garage I figure I’ll bust out the steam cleaner and clean the hell out of the interior for the winter. The interior is pretty much mint other than the pieces I haven’t yet replaced.

Once that’s done I'll have to move onto the body which needs slightly more work since somehow on the way to Safeway (grocery store) the other night my fender got bent or something and now I can’t open the passenger side door without hitting the fender, hoping to get that fixed this week as well; provided I can actually figure out wtf is wrong with the fender.

Anyhow that my into look forward to picking your collective brains whenever a little problem pops up and hopefully by the end of winter I will have enough money saved up to buy the Black 2g Talon I have been waiting for.
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well welcome to the club! I'm kinda new to the group as well. But I would not have it any other way. DSM Baby yeaaaaa!! :D
welcome! i'm sure you will like it here
those black 2g's... welcome, hope you enjoy it.
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