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Just "bought" my old car back

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Hey there, I'm new.

Few years back I lost my car in an unfortunate towing incident. The company was shady and knew just how to work a 19 year old out of his car. After some time passed I got lucky and an old friend asked me about an in they had with the company and if I could sign the car over to him. It's been 2 years since he has had it and he finally offered it back to me. I paid 400 Canadian to drive my car again. I'm very excited and won't have possession for a few more weeks. If anyone has any suggestions for what parts I can pick up that are almost guaranteed to be replaced on a car that has sat for 5 years please let me know.

I do know that the brakes have been replaced as well as the power steering pump.
Tires were new when I had it last but it has been ages so who knows.
The bumper exists and as far as I can tell it is in decent enough shape.

I've picked up new tail lights as well as a new clutch kit because that was going when I had it. Apparently, since I still have the key, he drilled out the ignition cylinder and has been starting it with a screw driver? Long story short I picked up one of those from a shop parting out their 2G.
I think I'm looking at about 4-5 Grand in repairs and touch ups to get her back on the road but I'm not super smart with cars and I will need all the help I can get.

Here are some photos of it now.


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