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just installed a 16g

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I just installed the Evo III 16g in my 98 eclipse gsx. It runs pretty nice and this time around I have no oil leaks. Pretty happy about that..
but to the point,
I wanted to know how much psi i can handle without any sort of knock i've heard numbers around 14-15psi and around there. I set it at a peak of 14 but every shift it spikes to 18 then back down to 14 quickly. Can this damage anything? I didnt take any chances so i lowered the psi to 10. Thanks
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That would totally depend on what supporting mods you have. Fuel pump, injectors, s-afc, ect.. So we need a bit more info to help you better. If you have no supporting mods at all I would keep the boost low untill you get a way of monitoring and tuning your fuel.

About the spike.. a 3psi spike is semi normal if it comes right back down right away. But obviously you will want to fix it. You may want to try porting the path to your wastegate if you havent done that allready before you installed it.

What kind of boost controller are you using? Some controllers have settings to help control spike. And please list you mods so we can help you more.
There is no magical knock number. It is car and mod dependant. If you can't log the car while turning up the boost don't.
well i said i had stock fuel, then i have 1g bov, apexi n1 cat back, joe MBC, and just an air filter, im getting the pocket logger wed. i will just tune it, thanks
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