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So I have a 6 bolt turbo 4g63t fwd on my 91 Mitsubishi Eclipse and I noticed it had a kf5m22 transmission which is a non turbo so when installed a kf5m33 transmission i installed a Act lightweight flywheel with is taller by a inch than the non turbo flywheel so I also purchased a 6 puck heavy duty Act clutch kit with it the make the trans swap superior however everything mocked up well down the line I had transfer over the kf5m22 shifter levers to the kf5m33 in order to have 5th gear and reverse available. So that problem was solved. Now here’s my only problem, the starter is not mating properly because it grinds a little and I tried to shim it back it off a little but the grinding is still there but slightly now but yet not normal. So the turbo flywheel tooth count says 106 and I my starter gear tooth count is 8 and I researched that there’s only 8 tooth on all starters but I heard the it’s necessary to change the starter gear to a oddly 9 tooth to make it work well. Anyone come across this before???
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