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kill story my 1g laser

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I was going down the road when i saw a 2g and it looked nice so i pulled up to the guy and said hey nice car and he said yea you too which i think is funny because my car looks like a 90 year old mans. He said wanna go so i said yea he counted to three and we went i heard his turbo spool but when i dropped mine into 3rd and let the boost roll in all i saw was his headlights. I was surprised because ithought i was gonna get smoked. Maybe iwas lucky. :eek:
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you never know, driver mods are hard to come by now a days lol
I know itwas just funny because i know 2gs have something like 14.5 pounds of boost stock so iwas surprised cause mineis basically allstock
Yeah, but us 2G'ers get stuck with the shitt T25. Most of us swap turbos early on in the mod process.
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