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Koni/Sportlines installed now + camber

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I just finished installing some eibach sportines on Koni yellows. When I lowered my car off the stands, the front, driverside wheel has positive camber. The rest have negitive camber like they are supposed to. Any idea what the problems could possibly be? After work tonight I'm going to go over my work and make sure everything was done correctly. It was a late night and I've had some things on my mind that has been a distraction. Thanks in advanced
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The mistake was probably made when you reconnected the strut housing to the knuckle. My guess is the upper bolt isn't actually through the knuckle.

- Jtoby
Well it turns out that there was nothing wrong. I just bought an awd to swap my fwd mods over, and I'm in the process of pulling the motor, along with a bunch of other upgrades. So when I finished the suspension and brakes I wanted to see the new stance of the car, so I put on 3 semi tight lug nuts and put her down. The camber was positive from the way the car came off the jack.
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