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Lazylaser’s DSM Journey 97 Talon

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Lazylaser’s DSM journey
I don’t have enough posts for the member’s projects section. Although I do way more searching than posting.
I started with a 91 fwd Plymouth Laser that I bought at a police auction for about $680. It was more of a go-cart than a car. In the beginning I had some trouble getting it to make the power that I was looking for. After finding the cams were 180* out, all the upgrades that were piled on the car really Woke up. These big power gains now created traction issues that even, polyurethane mounts , suspension, an LSD and good rubber couldn’t solve.

The TRE (team rip) transmission was a pile of shit from the time I got it, it ended up being the weakest link and the LSD exploded on the highway.

Luckily I was prepared; I had already Bought an AWD 97 talon tsi that was being prepped for a heart transplant.

Whoever owned the car before me slapped a boost controller and an evo 16g on the car and Knocked the rod bearings into the bottom of the oil pan.
After about a month of wrenching on the car, my friends and I transformed it into the car I wanted,

The mr2 is my younger brothers’ and just as much work went into his toyota

98,000 talon tsi,
6-bolt swap, balance shafts removed, ARP rodbolts, headstuds, and turbo bolts, b/c 272’s cams and springs and titanium retainers
dsmlink, gm 3” maf and translator
slowboy fmic and piping, 63mm throttle body, greddy rs bov
pte 780cc injectors, aeromotive afpr, walbro Hp 255 and 6an from tank to rail.
Ebay 3” turboback stainless steel exhaust
Aem uego w/b, autometer C2 boost, egt, fuel pressure and oil pressure
Act2600 and fidenza aluminum flywheel.
Evo16g that I spent days porting, 38mm w/g with opendump, sbr cast manifold and 2g ported o2
Magnacore wires and ngk plugs
And other things like s.s. clutch and brake lines and a 2600cfm fan, a lot of things have been relocated (like the battery) or removed (like the A/C) , I’m sure I’m forgetting other stuff.
Future plans are, coilovers, big brakes and meth injection.
BIG THANKS GOES OUT TO Asmodeus of demonmotorworks, who turned many wrenches on this project , and Chaz Mance who did a lot of the wiring.
See everyone at the shootout
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New chapter, all the best parts will go on this rust free Shell.

BTW better buy stock in Eastwood! Because I'm going to use just about every "snake oil" coating they sell trying to seal this thing up so it doesn't rot like the last one.

I'm going to use as many parts from the talon as reasonable, to see it's memory live on in this ride.
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Two more pictures of the old girl, all that is left now is the roof. I'll wait a bit before I harvest that, need a few good spot weld drill bits before I tackle that.

I got a lot done in 2 days.

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Tons of mockup left, but the autopower roll-bar is fitting well. Also cutting the spare tire holder out and mounting the battery back there.
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Racecars cars don't need spare tires.

HF spot weld cutter.

This is why I wanted that removed, I want to put the battery back there.

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Trying to get the seat position so I can get the holes drilled and weld in reinforcement for the 6 point harnesses.

Still tons of wiring, but I am actually making progress.

Corbeau seat bracket dosent fit. Holes are off and the tunnel needed some tweaking...
I'll make my own for the passenger side as its far from worth $120.
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Re: Lazylaser’s DSM journey 97 talon

Hey I noticed that in your pics of the oil squirters you didn't have the aluminum washers on the top and bottom of the squirter. You need them to make a perfect seal. Just letting you know that.
8 years later, I finally ordered those along with a few other odds and ends to finish up the bottom end.
I can't believe how much I've forgotten.

I'm going to be using a 2g head on the 6 bolt bottom end, and its all going into a 2g. Looks like i'll have something to research.
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