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Lazylaser’s DSM Journey 98 Eclipse GSX

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In a moment of weakness I purchased This 98 2G GSX because I knew that my talon was going to take a long time to get back on the road and I wanted something right now that I could play around with for cheap.

The guy parked it about a year ago. The car wouldn't move, but the engine would idle and sounded really good. Over all it was a lot less rusty than the Talon

I took a chance hoping that it just needed a clutch and paid about ~$1300 for it.

The PO, didn't know much about these cars as you can see but it seems like minimal amount of undoing.

Boost controler... With no logging or tuning, I'm glad the trans went before the motor.

My brother helped me pull the trans with the help of lots of air tools and cordless impacts.

Once up in the air I could see that at some point this car was jumped and must have come down on a curb that smashed up the sub frame. Not sure how I'm going to fix that or just forget about it?

Either way the transmission was going to need to come out of the car. Once out it was clear that it wasn't a clutch failure like I had wished for instead it looks like one of the shift forks may have bent or broken.

Thats how we left it. One of my future goals was that I was going to start messing with the these 5 speeds and see how far I can take a rebuild myself. But for this car I have a stock 97+ awd trans that I was just going to bolt up to this car just to get it onto the road.

Not sure what my goal is, I think just keep it simple and drivable. Now I remember why we just pull everything out, its tough to work around A/C cruse control and all of that nonsense emissions junk. I'll try my best to keep that stuff but....
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Reminds me of when I went out and bought my 1g. It was fun while it lasted. Hopefully a new transmission will get you back on the road. Did you find anything else aside from the lack of tune that needed fixing?
Tune, brake rotors /pads, a battery and some boost leaks. The stock trans along with those things should get me on the road so I can drive it from my brothers house to mine. I'd like to recirculate the BOV if I'm going to stick with the 2g MAF.

Of course, if it does run and drive after that I'd like to replace all the fluids, ball joints, tie rods & timing belt components. I could/might do all of that over winter.
I hear you HOT. The idea of having a simple "driver" is fantastic in theory, but it seems like it will eat up a handful of money and mostly time that could be spent on the "good" talon.
Not a bad deal or car. What's the red around the mouth of the bumper? I only see it in one pic.
It looks like it is some type of autozone vinyl pin-striping.

The whole thing is a good bit slower than I wanted it to go as I haven't installed the good trans in the Eclipse yet.
Actually I haven't even removed the good trans from my Talon yet.
Nice pick up!
I got some progress on the car.
I pulled the trans out of the talon, cleaned it up and installed it in the Eclipse.

New pivot ball with the competition clutch, clutch fork.

Put the act 2600 from the Talon onto the 7 bolt flywheel.

I went to put the new OEM throw out bearing on...But the damn tab was broken off.
Had to use a non-oem TOB, which makes me feel uneasy.

Got it in/on

So much nasty crap under the hood.

I love the eastwood light I got my brother, really nice. Doesn't cast any shadows.

I forgot to order a slave cylinder, not to mention no plate no insurance etc.
So I got a Uhaul and trailered it home, no more driving 45 min to have to work on it.

Cleaned it out inside and filled 2 garbage bags full of nasty chew bottles, old food and general disgustingness.
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Whoo Hoo,
Just scored some parts for this car from a local racing legend for a killer deal.

Evo rods and pistons & stock evo beehive springs/retainers! (Also got manley springs and TI retainers, maybe I'll use those on the other car.)
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Whoo Hoo,
Just scored some parts for this car from a local racing legend for a killer deal.

Evo rods and pistons & stock evo beehive springs/retainers! (Also got manley springs and TI retainers, maybe I'll use those on the other car.)
Neat. I can vouch for evo valvesprings and retainers. I was spinning up to 9k with no issue on those.
Did he have a set of Evo rockers you could snag? They're stamped instead of cast.
I'll have to check with him.

I was able to get the SS braided clutch-line installed and the Oem Slave cylinder.

Before installing the slave I removed the restriction valve.

And spring.

I'm also in the process of cleaning up the K&N that was so filthy and full of debris that I'm sure its state adversely affected performance and fuel economy.

My wife was not thrilled about having to sit in the car before I could give it a proper cleaning when she helped me bleed the clutch-line. I've been in worse. It looks ok because I removed 2 full garbage bags of trash.

Can't wait to try some products to see if I can bring back life into this leather.

I also picked up a megan racing downpipe. The quality is amazing. I was a bit shocked though that it takes awhile to find the right exhaust parts on eBay for a 2g AWD when the site used to be completely flooded with that stuff for beyond cheap. I think I paid $250 shipped for my full stainless 2g exhaust in 08 and now this alone was like 180. Guess these cars are getting older.

Friday night tear-down party.

Found what the Previous owner broke on this original trans,

Luckily I have a spare 4 spider, and the rest of the gears looked great so soon I'll get this back together and that way I'll have a spare 5 speed.
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Had A chance to work on this.

Got everything put back together, previous owners shitty leaky knock off bov is on until I can get a better one.

Then the magic happened, I drove a DSM.

This is proof that it is possible that after years of being parked and residing on jackstands for more than one season, these cars can be made to move under their own power!

It drove itself out of the cold and into the garage.

In the garage I was still trying to undo the previous owners work
This is how he had the wing attached,

So until I can get that fixed I'll have electrical tape over the holes.

I mentioned the two garbage bags of trash, well this is after vacuuming, armor all and leather treatment. Looking better but still needs the carpets shampooed.

I put the eBay exhaust from my talon onto it.

Its fun just moving it around the driveway and hearing the exhaust note that I haven't heard in awhile. I can't wait to drive it around town this spring.
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Glad to see it running and no major issues. Interior is looking nice. I wish I had leather in my gsx, but it was too far gone.
Got new brake rotors and pads on the rear, just simple non-vented for now. Did some tweaking on the e brakes and I forgot how much I hate drum brakes.

Filled the rear diff with some heavyweight shockproof.
Filled the trans with OEM Mitsu-OIL I got from Jacks.
Waiting on amazon to show-up with the shockproof for the t case.

Flushed the whole brake system to get out all the nasty old brake fluid.

Bolted on tires and wheels from off my talon, filled them up to spec.

Went for a spin around the block and I thought the stock suspension would be softer that it was...

Did a bunch of TLC, Still have more to do but I'd like to drive it to Easter dinner 3 miles away.
Sorry no pictures.
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Resurrection! On Easter Sunday this car drove about ~4 miles to my parents for Easter dinner!

I pulled it back in the garage and am cutting off the sway bar end links (they're stuck) so that I can install sway bars, I'm soaking everything down with PBblaster. I readjusted the parking /ebrake I had a spring wrong on one side the 1st time I built it.

I want to fix the broken passenger door handle, get the t-case fluid filled and sway bars on before getting inspected next Saturday. Guess I better get onto rockauto.com and order some end links.
I also have to rebuild the right rear caliper, as it seems like its not 100%

Got nice new sway bars onto it as well as the wheels tires & brakes swaped from my talon onto her. Next is suspension and boost leaks.
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Got some toyo rr's mounted on some evo9 rims!

Can't wait to get them on the car.

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