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Lazylaser’s DSM Journey 98 Eclipse GSX

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In a moment of weakness I purchased This 98 2G GSX because I knew that my talon was going to take a long time to get back on the road and I wanted something right now that I could play around with for cheap.

The guy parked it about a year ago. The car wouldn't move, but the engine would idle and sounded really good. Over all it was a lot less rusty than the Talon

I took a chance hoping that it just needed a clutch and paid about ~$1300 for it.

The PO, didn't know much about these cars as you can see but it seems like minimal amount of undoing.

Boost controler... With no logging or tuning, I'm glad the trans went before the motor.

My brother helped me pull the trans with the help of lots of air tools and cordless impacts.

Once up in the air I could see that at some point this car was jumped and must have come down on a curb that smashed up the sub frame. Not sure how I'm going to fix that or just forget about it?

Either way the transmission was going to need to come out of the car. Once out it was clear that it wasn't a clutch failure like I had wished for instead it looks like one of the shift forks may have bent or broken.

Thats how we left it. One of my future goals was that I was going to start messing with the these 5 speeds and see how far I can take a rebuild myself. But for this car I have a stock 97+ awd trans that I was just going to bolt up to this car just to get it onto the road.

Not sure what my goal is, I think just keep it simple and drivable. Now I remember why we just pull everything out, its tough to work around A/C cruse control and all of that nonsense emissions junk. I'll try my best to keep that stuff but....
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Love EVO 9 wheels on a 2G.

hopefully I will get to do some hill climb events with one of these cars eventually.
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Got the slicks on, the car lowered and I'm eyeballing the alignment for the next few days ....but the suspension should be ready for autox after my trip to the alignment shop.

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Looking good man! Is that a bolt in cage? I really want something like that. Nice and simple.
Cagevwas from autopower and was too much money, buy one second hand if you're not in a rush.

Got the car out for some autox. Had a blast.
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Stock boost under the hood. Tried to keep as stock as possible, but had to fix leaks and broken parts so youll see a little bit of powdercoat.

Got some healthy smoke at idle.
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I don't know how you don't get lost on some of these auto cross courses.
Sold it.
IT was fine, I just needed space in the driveway and wanted to focus on my other DSM.
Sold? What'd you go and do that for?
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