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Well the members are piling in and I feel we have a great thing going here. I frequent some of the other car bbs's sometimes and often wondered why us DSM'ers didnt have a real BBS. The Talon Digest is great with the 3000+ members and loads of experience but this format seems so much better, to me at least. Most of the digest I just skip over these days as it's 90% devoted to politics and crank-walk. Oops, I said the c-word. Anyway, as our fearless leader TED, I think maybe weekly you should hop on the Digest and remind everyone about DSMTalk and the great changes that are taking place and hopefully get the majority over here. Not to talk down on the Digest, I'm sure some of the Ol-Schoolers wouldn't have it any other way, but the more the merrier.Last i saw we have about 10% of us here.

Keep up the good work.Ted and moderators, except for 4npower...J/K Bill.

P.s. This has probally been mentioned before but how about a weekly poll or something? Could be fun.
Week one? The killer question. How much have you sunk into your DSM?How much do you plan to?

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Hi Tony. First off, a BIG thanks to you and the rest of the DSMtalkers that post regularly. I think we have a great thing going here too. There are some very dedicated DSMtalkers and just about everybody here is friendly as you could hope for. Traffic continues to increase with really only slight promotion on my part. Not that I haven't been spending time on this site (ahh, ask my wife, she knows I have been spending time
) But as far as promotion, I have not yet spent that much time on it. I just haven't had the time! I do plan on spending alot more time on it next month.

As far as posting on the digest to promote this site, I think I only did it once. I may again in the future, but I really don't want to use the digest to shamelessly promote this forum on a regular basis because some may consider it SPAM and that could result in a backlash. I see so many people promoting crap that I know pisses people off, I just want to stear clear.

I'm with you though Tony, the more the merrier, and I hope we will continue to have more here.

** Ted-95 GSX **
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