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Hello, I did a search for this but could not find anything that was related to this really weird problem. For about 3 years, I have had an annoying intermittent problem with the rear wiper. Half of the time I use it, it's fine. The other half of the time, something in the circuit gets crossed-up, or "shorted," or grounded or un-grounded or something, and the wiper will not work, and the switch on the instrument panel for the rear defroster illuminates as if I have turned the defroster on. Below is a list of the things that I have done to try to fix it.

-Replaced the rear wiper motor

-Inspected and cleaned all the grounding wires and grounding connectors/points that have anything to do with the liftgate. (Antenna, lighting, defroster, wiper motor etc.)

-Rebuilt the liftgate wiring harness from the connector in the wall of the interior all the way to the end connectors.

-Inspected and cleaned all wiring connectors that lead to the switches in the dashboard, and checked for shorts in that area.

On thing I have noticed is that the problem goes away when I raise/lower the liftgate. Sometimes as I lower it back into the home position, the problem comes back. As strange as it sounds, could the hinges be rusted or possibly corroded to the point where the liftgate is no longer grounded sometimes in the closed position? Is that even possible? What do you guys think? Have I missed something obvious in the circuit?

Thanks in advance...really baffled here.
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