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logging with mmcd - wierd knock counts

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Hey guys, finally got the talon running. Got 200 miles on it already after it sat for 5 years in this guy's driveway... lol

Anyways, at the moment I am running stock boost (don't want to get crazy till I get some miles).
A lot is stock at the moment on the car, except for a walbro 190 pump, and SS braided fuel line from the tank to the filter. That's about all the mods.
Got the boost guage installed and running 8lbs.

*found* a palm Vx at work, and got a cable so I can get some logging capability. Saving for dsmlink, but since I gotta spend 2k on the house, that is on the burner.

so anyways.... Running mmcd 1.8g.
Getting some weird knock counts, mostly when I am either starting slow and turning out of my office lot, or turning sharply in 1st gear. Not all the time, but it goes to like 19 or 20 but never does it again.

I did a couple pulls from 2nd to 3rd and got a few counts, nothing over 7, but should I be getting knock at all at stock settings? What count should you really start worrying at? What can I do about the odd knock in 1st gear?

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Stock cars can knock, thats why they have knock sensors to begin with ;)
91EclipseGuy said:
What can I do about the odd knock in 1st gear?
Start the sometimes long and painful "hunt for the knock".

Check you knock sensor: is it torqued correctly, is the goo leaking?
lifters ticking?
lose brackets/bolts rattling?
and on...and on...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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