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I learned my first car stuff off of this site. Parents wouldn't let me get a DSM, unsafe, I'm happy with what I got (see sig).

Anyways.. I'm looking for an old thread, I don't know if it was on this board or not, but I remember it had to do with a DSM.

This guy was really pissed off at his junker classed DSM (like it was falling apart, he was tired of working on it and got another car), I'm not saying DSMs are junkers at all, btw. I want to say this took place in West Virginia.

He took the car to this thing.. where anyone with a weapon can come out and shoot and whatever people put in the field... barrels, cars, anything. We're talking $120,000 World War II weapons. Big caliber. Like stuff of tanks, jeeps, ships, etc. He had pics, I remember one of a double barreled gun that looked like an anti-aircraft gun. Everyone lines up (And there were a ton of people). Like a buzzer or something goes off and the line just errupts in fire.

He had pics of his car before and after. It was hilarious! If any of you know where I can find this thread on any forum.. please do tell! :)
Thanks, and keep on DSMin' ...
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