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Well my pod finally came in. I've been waiting over a month for it to come in and finally it did just the other day. First impressions of it, build quality is very good and color matches the black dash i have on my 2g. the pod comes drilled with 2 screws along with black screw covers so it flushes with the pod. this is the REPLACEMENT a-pillar pod, so I had to remove my old a-pillar and drill 2 holes on the pillar. after that install was easy (installing the gauges was another thing). the fit is perfect and does not rattle, shake, come off which i heard a lot of people complain with their pods, but i assume it's because I have mined screwed on the pillar and not just taped.

again, for those looking for a-pillar pods, i highly recommend the lotek ones. i purchased it direct from their site at http://www.gaugepods.com
my only complaint was it took FOREVER to ship. be prepared to wait a month or longer if it isn't in stock. but customer service was great and they answered to my many complaints about the long wait pretty fast.

a lot of thanks to HadesOmega (who posts on 2gnt) for helping me with the install. and before people ask, the last pod will be for EGT.

now on to the pics. sorry my digi cam sucks.

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