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Loud clinking from under the car.

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On my way home from school I noticed a distinct sound coming from under my car. I sounded like something metal was hitting something else. Now the sound would be soft then loud and then soft again. The sound would speed up then stop as I accelerated then when I would get off the gas I would stat again.

When I got home I got out my jack and lifted it up (not knowing what to look for).The only thing I could find was the Lobro joint giggled where it was connected into the rear support bearing assembly(it would turn back-in-forth as if you were turning the drive shaft but only it would move). Also the rear and front bearing assembly bushings have dry rotted so they have to be replaced.

Anyway could any of you all tell me if that is probably the problem?

I know for a fact that it is not my wheels or cv axels.
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i had a noise of metal vibration once....i dunno if this helps but check the "dust shield?" that goes around the end of the transfer case, where the driveshaft enters the case. Mine had come loose somehow and was making all kinds of noise when i would drive.
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