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Well those are VERY different cars…

The eagle Talon ESI is one of the WORST possible platforms to modify ever made. Avoid it at all costs. It’s -not- the same car in any meaningful way.
the TSI is a 2.0L 4G63 turbo engine, “7 bolt 2nd gen” engine. In factory form that bottom end is good for about 375 wheel hp, but it’s also the LEAST reliable of all turbo blocks. It’s the only one prone to worn thrush bearings “crankwalk’ which is a real killer.
Its not a straight drop in, but the 1989 to 1992.5 block, identified by only having 6 bolts holding the flywheel on, is the preferred block to use. Used, 100k mile 6 bolt block, completely un modified will hold 450 whp easily, pop in some rods and you’re at 700hp capacity easily.
Now on to airflow. If you’re making a target HP number, you’re drobablu a drag racer. For a drag race i tend to recommend the Forced Performance Red turbo or the 60–1 hiFi turbonetics. The FP red runs VERY VERY hot, so you need a MASSIVE intercooler with it, the 60–1 not so much, but more lag before boost.
Fuel management is the last key. AEM/Motec/Haltech stand alone ecu are the best, you -will- need a ultra high pressure fuelmpump, in line or in tank, injectors capable of your hp level (880cc?) and NGK BPR 7ES plugs, or colder
putnit all together, strap it to a dyno, and get to tuning!
good luck!

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