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MAFT PRO Clarification and explaination

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I have had lots of questions and misunderstandings about the new MAFt Pro so I will try to clear up a few things here.

The MAFT Pro operates in 3 different modes,
MODE 1 - AFC mode, it works like and AFC it can be installed as is with no other items still using the stock MAF sensor (or a 2G for a 1G car) it will give a + or - 60% fuel adjustment over 14 RPM band at 3 different load levels in 1/2% steps. This gives it more capibility and room to grow over more adveanced levels

MODE 2 - Translator mode - Mode 2 will allow the use of a GM stlye MAF sensor like the original MAFT but still give the above tuning options

MODE 3 - Full Speed density. This mode will run the car without a MAF sensor at all like the old VPC. It is also fully tunable as in mode 1. To run this mode you will meed a GM air temp sensor mounted in the uppipe and a GM or AEM map sensor. We have harnesses available to make installion easy. This mode also give full fuel control based on boost.

Options - There are two options for the MAFT the first is wide band controlled Air/Fuel tracking. With the connection of a wide band like an Innovate LC-1. You can specify a target air/fuel ratio for WOT conditions. The Pro will then monitor a/f ratio and adjust accordingly while going down the track. For example, if I want the car to run at 11.6 to 1 I specify that (I can pick differnet values across the RPM range) while going down the track if the car starts to get lean the Pro will add fuel if it gets rich it will take it away. For meth users it will lean it out while the meth is spraying. This is awsome. The unit is preconfigured for most popular wide band units.

The other option is closed loop boost control. You can add a harnes and a soleniod and then specisfy whetever boost level you like and the Pro keeps it there. There is gain, TPS and other boost related controls as well.

Unit comes with full software and cable to connect to a PC for datalogging and programming if you do not wish to use the front panel buttons.

Keydiver also has a PRO chip available NOW that allows you to control igniotion timing from the front panel when using the Pro making this a very complete tuning solution

If you have more questions please post them here or call me at 586 790 4406

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So how would you use this to convert to Speed Density with DSMlink?
Connect the Pro with a 3 bar map sensor and and an air temp sensor in the up pipe
Oh man sweet I'm buying this! Finally my 4" turbo inlet will be fully utilized!

Been waiting on an affordable wideband feeback fuel controller for a while now. I already have an aem map and just need GM temp sensor. SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS!

Thanks guys,
Patrick Harris
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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