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May I please ask if anyone knows what size socket I need to use to replace or clean my MAP sensor? 1998 Eclipse 2.0 non turbo dohc GS and it has P0108 and P0172 codes.
Just replaced the upstream 02 sensor and now this happened. Has all the symptoms of a bad MAP sensor. Also, I have to replace the thermostat because it has such pressure that as soon as I unscrew the coolant cap it tries to blow it off instead of my having to pull it off with my hand, and my top radiator hose is about to pop, and that's why I think the thermostat is faulty. My temp gauge also stopped working today on the way to my friend's house to get help replacing the O2 sensor, so I hope replacing the thermostat fixes the gauge not working. My nerves are shot with this car and it needing something every week, but I can't afford a new car. I'm a disabled female and don't know a lot about cars, so please don't be too harsh with my ignorance. I promise I'm trying. Huge thanks to anyone who may be of assistance.
10mm socket.
Are you trying to open the coolant fill cap when its hot? If you are there will definitely be pressure there...
not to mention its extremely dangerous because that cap can blow off when you loosen it and you could end up
with 3rd degree burns from hot coolant! There shouldnt be any pressure when the car is cool and thats the only time you should be trying to open that cap.

If youre changing the thermostat use the factory value. 195 degree. Some people try to put lower temp thermostats for
"more performance" but you wont see any. A lower value will only take the engine longer to reach temperature in colder weather. Also the normal operating temp is 195 so if changing to a 160 or 185 trying to chase 1 or 2 horsepower (futile) the thermostat may hang open and cause an overheat situation. Use 195 degree only. Of course new gasket on the water housing goes without saying. Should come with it.

Unusual that the temp gauge would go out at the same time ...but...if you have a leak at the coolant fill cap ...
it could be running down that water housing and causing some corrosion on the temp gauge connector where it plugs into the sensor. It was happening to mine and I replaced the old radiator/ coolant fill cap when I did the thermostat. Also changed the temp sensor since the car is a couple decades old now. Good time to drain the system then flush it with radiator flush (per instructions) or at the very least...clear water if you dont want to flush then fill and drain a few times before putting new coolant in. Use 50/50 mix from the store or if you buy 100% coolant ...dilute it with water 50%. Use distilled water from publix or walmart as regular water from the tap contains impurities which may cause rust or corrosion over time.

If its an original radiator (look for a mitsubishi label on top...but may have come off by now) then it definitely needs to go!
A new one probably costs around 80 to 125 or so from your local auto parts store. Most come with a lifetime warranty. Cheap insurance considering what happens if it fails!!! Mine looked great at nearly 20 years and I painted it up nicely just to make it even better when I rebuilt my engine. A week later out of nowhere the top outlet where the upper hose connects broke off as I was driving down my block! Great timing! Couldve ruined a fresh engine rebuild if Id been on the highway!! I got lucky!

Its a great time to replace upper and lower radiator hoses as well (and belts if your friend can do it for you). When changing radiator hoses...there are also 2 heater hoses that connect at the back of the block (drivers side of the engine) above the transmission and go to the firewall. Plus one small piece of heater hose just above the exhaust manifold heat shield. It connects the water outlet housing to the heater pipe system. Its kind of tricky to put on when the water outlet is on the engine so when the housing is off for a thermostat change...thats the time to change that hose.

Good luck!
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