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This is the DSMtalk Master Newb Thread! This thread will be continuously updated as new threads or information is provided to the moderation team. This thread was created to centralize a lot of already posted information. This includes DSMtalk rules, FAQs, answers to common problems/questions, etc.

Please read this thread and review the links before posting your question. If the question is not answered by one of the links below, please utilize the search button at the top right of the page. If you still are not able to find your answer, please post a thread.

Members, if you would like to contribute to this thread, please PM me directly. If I do not respond to your PM within 72 hours, please PM another member of the DSMtalk moderation staff. The moderation team will then review the suggestion and add the information if approved.

DSMtalk Rule Links:
  1. DSMtalk Forum Rules
  2. Accessing Classifieds
  3. About Post Counts
  4. We are a stickler on rule #7
Helpful DSM Information Databases:
  2. 1000 Already Answered Questions
  3. DSM Factory Service Manual (FSM)
Basic DSM Problems:
  1. Car Won't Start?
Newbie Guidance and Technical Links:
  1. About BOV Venting
  2. How to make a boost leak tester AND how to properly test your system
  3. 1g DSM Visual Engine Bay Guide
  4. 2g DSM Visual Engine Bay Guide
  5. Look here for 300-400 HP guidance
  6. How to properly test your Idle Speed Controller (ISC)
  7. How to properly adjust your clutch
  8. Why you should rewire your fuel pump
  9. How a turbocharger works
  10. 1g engine bay electrical connections
  11. 2g engine bay electrical connections
  12. All about Holset turbos
  13. Forged vs. Billet
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