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max injectors on an AFCII

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what is the max injectors capable on the apexi AFC II with still good fine tuning, i was told 660's was max.. so they told me to get 550's im just making sure if this is true or what, thanks a lot everybody,
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Anything larger than 660's will be hard to tune with a SAFC2. What is your setup? 550's work well with 16G's.
ya i just bought a 16g tonight :) so 550's are fine?
i was going to go with 650's for future so i dun have to upgrade instantly, but ya.. i guess 550's would be the best?
550s should hold any 16G to a decent amount of boost. If you're gonna go bigger than 660s, DSMLink comes highly recommended.
but i can handle 660s and below with no problem?
If you are going to upgrade past a 16g, then 550's will be worthless...You most likely won't max out 550's on a tuned 16g even at 20+psi, but it is getting close

I think 650's are better, but you could probably get 550's cheaper when new (i've seen $220)...

I met a DSMr in the chicago area who was running a 50trim w/ 780cc injectors off of a wideband/safc combo...So, it is possible to do..

If you do get bigger injectors, you can always get an EPROM and have it chipped to compensate for it, but by the time you do that you are in dsmlink pricing...
ya.. i will get 650's so i dun have to upgrade RIGHT away, if you know what i mean, thanks that is the next thing i will save for, afc, fuel pump, fpr, and 650's :)
This topic has been covered numerous times. This actually took me less than 1 minute to find using that elusive search button.

Don't forget to do a rewire while you're in there adressing your fuel setup.
i heard rewiring is pointless.. and just something a lot of people say to do when it really makes just about no difference, but thats what i 'heard' ...
Rewiring is not pointless. 650s will get you farther if you decide to get a bigger turbo in the future, however you will discover the limits of piggyback tuning sooner.

Short answer: rewire the pump, get the 650s, get an AFPR to dial back the fuel pressure.
so.. if it isnt pointless what exactly does it help?
The pump flows a higher rate when it is getting a solid and consistent voltage. There is no arguing that fact. The fuel pump rewire will give you more flow.

Using an adjustable fuel pressure regulator makes a big difference on how large of injector you can run with a SAFC. The combo of a wideband, afpr, and AFC could handle 660s easily. Maybe even slightly larger before you run into headaches.
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