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Maxpsi90 Is A Fraud

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Just want to give you guyz a heads up. DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM MAXPSI90, HE LIVES IN MAIN. HE IS A FRAUD. SAVE YOURSELF MONEY AND TIME. HE GOES BY THE NAME OF "TOM AND JERRY". Bought an engine from him about a month and a half ago and haven't get to see the engine nor the money. I wish that I could meet that guy. Anywayz, be careful when buying stuff from maine.
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Sorry to hear it dude, people that do that are assholes and pretty soon anyone that is gonna buy/sell on here should be paypal verified. At least that will keep MOST of the frauds away.
damn man...good luck on getting your money back..how much was it? anything more than $100, I would take a trip to Maine, and kick the shit out of him
their has to be members here that are in maine that can go check him out.
i've been scammed, nobody does anything about it........ i just got over it but it was 'only' 150 dollars :-X
that's the problem, people like you don't do anything about it & these knuckleheads keep scamming. some local maine cats need to drive over to this fool's house & straighten him out.
and we should do..... drive all the to the persons house? to know thats not even their real address or something..........
just $150 ? damn bro...id flip for that much...
ya.. thats why i put ' ' around it... it is a lot for me... 16.. no job... it did REALLY piss me off, but i thought w/e.. i cant do anything about it.. and i knew nobody that lives by him..
Flip out and get mad and do what? Drive a 1000 miles and spend $250 gas to kick some kids ass and then be $400 in the hole
exactly... what im saying
well how did you pay him?
check? cash? transfer...
in any case, there should be a way of tracking him down
I wired him the money through western union. I paid that guy $600. I needed the engine really bad because of my situation. But things got even worst. Oh, I am not letting him get away with this though. He see something coming if he doesn't pay up.

I love to go to Maine but can't right now. Like I said I am in a very BIG HOLE.
man i hope you doeverything in your power to get your dough back..its people like him who should blow a tire going 100mph.....
Sorry to hear that I would Have to take the drive.
hope every thing works out I've been scamed before and it's not fun. :mad:
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