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Hello everyone, just a quick word here. Wasnt sure where to put this, thought about under parts talk but i figure here is as good as anywhere (let me know old guys if I am in the wrong spot, and dont take "old" in a bad way, I am 31).

I did a search for megasquirt on this site to see other peoples stories with it and see if I could pick up some tuning tips. I found most of you dont even know what it is or dont understand it. I will be doing my buildup using the MSII system and as I go along I will post pics and info on the build to help others out there who want to use it.

A little info...

1. It is a Stand Alone fuel and spark system, although it can be used piggyback.

2. It will require you to convert from Mass Air to Speed Density.

3. You should have some knowledge of electronics before you mess with it, at least study on your own (especially if you are building your own board, as I am).

4. It is just as effective as the best Stand Alone systems out there, when TUNED PROPERLY.

5. Check out http://www.bgsoflex.com/megasquirt.html for more info.

Props to the guys who already use it, and I would love to hear your success (or failure) stories, plus any technical info you have to make the swap go smoother. I have more experience with V8 engines so you probably know some stuff that will help me out.

Thanks for looking.
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I think one of the reasons megasquirt isn't very popular in the DSM community is because of DSMLink.
Yeah, i have read a lot of good things about it here. I would consider it but I already have the Megasquirt II system so that is what I will use. Plus, it only costs 250. However, you have to solder the board and test yourself. This isnt for everyone I know, just want to see who has it and what kind of luck they have with it. Thanks for the response.
They did an article on it in the Oct. 05 issue of Grassroots Motorsports except it was on an oldschool volvo. I want to know how well it works with dsms too.
I know some guys out there are running it on DSMs but havnt heard a lot of details yet.
It wasn't wrong to put it here but I am going to move it to parts talk like you thought of since the discussion will be focused on the Megasquirt alone.
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