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MindBlowin03's Ride

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My ride is a 1990 Eagle Talon TSi AWD. I dont have many recent pics, but I'll show what I got.

In its winter form here...

Mods include...

- Stock 2.0L JDM 6 bolt
- No balance shafts
- ARP headstuds
- Prothane motor mounts
- HKS 272 cams
- NGK BPR7ES spark plugs
- Magnecore spark plug wires

Intake & Exhaust
- 2G MAF
- JMFabrications intake manifold
- Ported 1G exhaust manifold
- Ported EVOIII 16G turbo
- Kinetic Motorsports FMIC
- Tubular o2 housing (w/recirc.)
- Custom 3" turbo-back exhaust

- Walbro 255 pump
- PTE 780cc injectors
- Spoolin' Up AFPR

Drivetrain & Transmission
- ACT 2600 clutch
- Extended slave rod
- SS clutch line
- Homemade shifter bushings
- Shifter cable bearings

Suspension & Brakes
- Eibach Sportline springs
- KYB AGX struts
- Front upper strut bar
- Rear upper strut bar
- 97-98 Talon AWD 17x6.5 wheels
- 225/45/17 Wanli tires
- OEM big brake upgrade

Electronics & Monitoring
- Apexi S-AFC
- DSMChips ECU chip
- Datalogger setup
- PLX M-300 wideband o2
- Autometer Z-series boost gauge
- B&M fuel pressure gauge

- JMFabrications catchcan
- JMFabrications radiator overflow
- Tinted front head lights
- Tinted rear tail lights

- In 2006 the car dyno'd 323hp and 324tq on 93 octane pump gas and a conservative tune, which made me pretty happy. I ran a best of [email protected], my time begin held back by my crappy transmission and crappy driver.
- The car is already put away for the winter and getting ready for the 2007 season. Mods will include a PTE 57trim turbo, DSMLink, a rebuilt tranny, upgraded fuel lines and some other small items. I hope to have very respectable numbers on straight pump gas and to break some things on race gas;) .
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Beautiful Car...I wish my 90 was that clean.

Red and Black Combo's make me happy!!! :)
Clean car, isnt scranton where "the office" takes place?
Jus beauty' ;)
I love the smoked headlights and rims
The only thing you need is jus some tint and its a 5*
Good stuff MindBlowin03
What an UGLY car! Why would you ever buy that heap!?!? :D

Congrats on a beautiful car...and major props on getting it to where it's at today! If you guys saw the condition Nick bought this car in (completely stripped with parts in plastic bins) you'd be even more impressed! The previous owner got bored with it in the middle of a drag build and sold it while it was torn apart... :rolleyes: :D

And yes, the office "takes place" in Scranton but isn't filmed here nor are any scenes from Scranton.
Nice car. You definitely need some new rims at least. At the very least some 97-98 GS/GST wheels. Also lose the bra I hate those things.
Not a fan of the headlights, but other than that, beautiful car man. I would love to have mine looking that good one day.
I like it. ;)
Do you have a closer pic of the turbo?? nice car
Seen this car in person a bunch of times, so clean and sweet. I love the 2g talon wheels on it. I remember seeing the pics when you bought it and its come a long way, great job. i know i have my own pics of this car but i gotta see if i have any worth posting up.
is it just me or does that turbo on his engine look a little big for a 16g?
nice car btw, oh and for the guy above, please do post pics of your car, 2gb talons ftw!!!
boosteddevil said:
is it just me or does that turbo on his engine look a little big for a 16g?
You're looking at the j-pipe...not the turbo. That's why it looks big.
Thats one clean ride. Love the engine bay!
I've always loved the 97-98 awd talon wheels. Looking good.
Very Very Clean.

I think i found myself a New Desktop Theme... DO YOU MIND? :)
your car is my motivation to finish my 91 red/black talon! Looking good man keep it up.
Who's that ugly guy in the background of your second pic ;) .

Here's a car whose bite matches it's bark.
Nice 1g, I like how you put the black trim on the bumper where you cut it for the fmic, makes it look clean and done right. I have seen some ugly hack jobs before. Yours is very nice. keep it up
1 - 20 of 60 Posts
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