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A bunch of stuff

91-94 turbo ecu non eprom working order
75 shipped thats what they sell on ebay for
md166262 is the number good for any manual trans 91-94 dsm

MINT That is why the price is where it is on this
90 awd trans 450 with t case or 350 with out t case
New viscous lsd in it No grinds, no notchy crap, does not pop out of gear, etc
IT is a very good trans
shit ill put it in on the spot on the car to prove it


2.5 turbo back exhaust needs muffler welded back on. I have a welder so you are covered and comes with muffler
Comes with cat 175

heavily ported o2 housing Had maybe 1 psi max boost creep on my 50 trim with this
Best offer shipped stock down pipe not included.

intercooler look how big it is sorry i had to improvise on measurements as i did not have a ruler with me end tanks are 2.5 i believe
75 shipped on just the core only!

14b rebuilt no miles maybe 30 seconds of cranking time to oil prep the turbo before firing the motor.
Comes with ported 2g mani
200 firm plus shipping

HYUNDIA VALVE COVER I HAVE 2 BLACK LIKE THESE both are a lil dirty but i will clean them for the buyer
60 shipped each

FPR aeromotive

almost new aeromotive fpr with new hoses
i want 180 shipped it is a bit over 240 new

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xride63 said:
will you ship the trans to NJ? i am very interested, the bolts that thread into the trans for the TCase are in good condition? no stripped etc.
Id rather not ship it but i may be able to work out something far as bringing it to you or you coming and get it.

I just dont feel like making a crate to ship it.

None of the bolts are striped, broken, nothing busted.

Pm me to maybe set something up or ill look into shipping latter in the week.

Ill probably end up shipping it though to you or whoever i just dont have the time to make a crate let alone the wood to make one.
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