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I have never had the random misfire of the 1g in a 2g. Today however while i was driving, the engine started hessitating while cruising. It would start like i flipped a switch, and go away in the same manner.

When it happens, if I push on the gas pedal, it will not accelerate and feels like the car is an oopee ball(if anyone remembers them). The engine is stuttering but not backfiring or popping. If i take it out of gear while this is happening and rev the engine u, it clears it up for a bit, but it comes back.

Would this be consistent with the random misfire?
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My 2g was doing the same thing, but under load. I replaced the plugs and wires and no more misfire.

plugs are new..i will swap out the wires..they are accel.
Are you getting a CEL?
no CEL. If i take it out of gear and let the RPM fall to idle it gets rid of it for a bit also. This is crazy. Anyone have a hall efect cas?
same thing happened to me. i changed the wires and it went away, but i pulled a CEL
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