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first of all i'd like to tell you i didnt search for over an hour, i tryed to not have to post a topic.

anyway here it goes,

i misshifted from top of 3rd gear back into 2nd, as soon as i realized what happened i pushed the clutch back in, but the car died.... pulled over and it started back up, BUT the idle wouldnt hold.... i had to raise the idle on the TB to get it to idle again.

everything seemed to be fine, but when i started it the next morn it seems to be smoking a little bit.

so i figure i bent/floated a valve....

it stopped smoking after letting it idle for a little while so i decided to take it out for a drive to see if anymore trouble would come up,

out on the drive the car ran flawlessly, but after 15 mins i get this really annoying grinding noise, alot of noise when i am slowing down with the car still in gear, some grinding while idling , and No grinding with the clutch in..

so i am thinking i maybe jacked the bearings in the tranny when i misshifted? throwout? release? i am not sure what one... am i right?

what all could have gone wrong?

the egt went over 15k when the misshift happened and the rev's went well over 9k.

( yes i know i am an idiot )


95 gsx, 125k miles
fully moded:
t3/t4 turbo
550 injectors
hks 264/272

basically everything cept internals

35mm trial ewg



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I did the same thing with my 3000gt racing a z28, the car shut down, i waited a few min. and its started back up, nothing happened, but it scared the shit out of me. After it happened and pulled over, i opened the door and stuck my head under the car expecting to see the rods hanging out the bottom.......but enough of that.

Sounds like u're input shaft bearing in the trans is staring to go. When u push the clutch in, it stops the trans from spinning. That means u're throw out bearing is riding on the pressure plate. If that was the prob, it would making a lot more noise when u push the clutch in.
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