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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help to find the correct parts for my car:

CAR: 99 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS (with 4g63 NA engine - Europe) D32A

Im currently looking to replace the Lower Control Arm for both sides (passenger and driver)
So, firstly went to Rockauto and placed order for the following:


From which ive managed to install parts CK90266 & CK90265, however when tried to install CK80437 and CK80436 the mechanic said that it came shorter than the original part and consequently would not fit (pictures bellow).

So in an effort to try to make sure that ive got the correct parts, went to the local Mitsubishi dealer and they have informed me that the correct part numbers are MR296292 (Right) and MR296293 (Left) as pictured on their diagram, however im not being able to find the Moog part for MR296293, only MR296292 which is CK80437.

It would be convenient for me to have everything from the same brand, does anyone know the correct Moog part? Or else, what do you recommend (parts / brands)?

Thanks in advance,

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