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most miles on original 2g GST/GSX motor/turbo???

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I bought mine used off a 1 owner older asian guy who took pretty good care of the car.. timing belt, fluids etc all changed regularly.. I bought the car in Sept. with 115k and now it has 118k.. the car runs great and no leaks..

How many miles does your 2 GS-T/GSX have or did have on the original motor/turbo?? Mine is also stock down to the filter and never modded
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My '97 came with 85k but was swapped with a 6bolt :)
when i bought my 95 gsx it had 114,000 and was completely stock, not one modification.
Any motors with 150k-200k miles ? :)
Sure, I know of quite a few that have close to 200K and a few over.. I myself, have my 7 bolt modified and still running strong at 150K
mine had 37k original a couple months back, of course doesnt matter b/c crankwalk plagues all :(
I have 130,000 on mine. Bone stock with 120,000 when i bought it. Still runs strong after the few mods I put on it.
I had a 170k on my original motor until I made the mistake of modding it and wound up blowing it. Now I have a rebuilt 6 bolt.

Oh yeah, the t-25 lasted the entire way. When checked to see if it had a lot of shaft play, it didnt :)
On a 90 tsi I had 212,000 miles on it, On a 91 eclipse it had 176,000, and on laser i had 170,000. On my 1992 awd talon had 175,000 (compression 110.80,90,110) the trans still shifts smooth. These were all 6 bolts.
awesome guys.. I'm hoping mine will go a long way.. My MKII MR2 NA I had before the eclipse went 211k on the original motor with intake and exhaust. I plan on doing minor mods like intake/exhaust and maybe a 14b and slight boost increase.. I know as long as I dont boost the hell out of the turbos all the time, it should go a long way hopefully!! :D
i have 121k on mine. when i bought it at 115 it had 180 compression all around.
i worked on a 92 talon that had 290k miles on it the turbo was all melted and definatly did not turn the motor was stuck the transmision looked as if someone had thrown a hand full of mud in it and the center diff was all worn weird
160k and still pullin like a biaaatttcchhhh. :D
155,000 and it runs likeeee SHIT but still pulls hard --stock, altohugh clutch it gone and car shakes and feels like a big vibrator
got my 95 tasi with 146K miles of being stock. ive slowly been modding it within the last two years ive had it. i just now finally put an evoIII, and it has 156K miles on the clock. :)
Not my car, but I've followed his site from time to time. 263k on a 95 TSi AWD. Impressive.

Mile High Talon

my 90 gsx, has 158k, with prolly 300+ 12 second passes, on that engine/14b, and it's my DD, and get 30 MPG
my tsi, has 167k, no mods beside an intake, and a intercooler pipe/ boost controler/gauge, runs like a new car BTW it's F/S
$4000 OBO
Had 180,xxx before the motor started knocking, replaced and melted a piston within 500 miles. Down for the winter hopefully it will get a nice big turbo :D
pepsi21463 said:
i have 121k on mine. when i bought it at 115 it had 180 compression all around.
Holy shit those are some high compression numbers. Is that an NA block?
X-Pride said:
Holy shit those are some high compression numbers. Is that an NA block?
That sounds about right for a 2G. Standard compression is 178 psi.
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