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Most Recommended Cam Gears

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Cam gears are a bitch to get... EVeryone has them on backorder...

My question is which do you consider to be the best cam gears to buy...

VENOM? ( Im assuming no one likes these, they are never mentioned)

I personally like the AEM, and HKS, eh and Fidanza...

Which would you guys choose..
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No feedback at all????????????
I have crowers for my 2.4L But you won't expect to see too many people that own these, let alone ones as expensive as crower. The only ones more expensive are unorthodox brand. They are great to use, they come with ARP hardware to fasten them down, so you know you can torque the hell out of them and not have slippage.

Don't expect too many people to say to get adjustable cam gears either. I only got them because I have a 2.4L engine.
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Well i got a 2.2L bored 6bolt, so im getting them... Whats a good site to get these off of, other than Slowboy... They never have things in stock..
I have fidanza gears on my 2.3 with crower 64414 cams and haven't had a problem yet revving to 8000k! I beat the daylights out of the car almost everyday 60 miles :) I picked them since they have 5 bolts to hold them in place, don't really know if it helps or not though :confused: they were under 200 when I got them :D
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