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My Night...

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so i got my license last week..and i live in a pretty small town..so we go to the next city over to race..well..being the first weekend i have my license i have to go..sooooooo here they are...

had a 94 accord follow me all through town..body kit, exhaust, the works...so we resume to go up a road that is notorious for racing...so we line up from a 25 mph..and im cruisin at about 5k rpm..so we punch it..and of course..bye bye me and my 2 other passengers went..

...95 or so integra pulls beside me..black..black rims..body kit...lowered..etc..well he tells me to go up the same road that i just raced on..well we do..and once again from a 25 mph roll i roll his a$$..about 4-5 car lengths..to 80...

...a group of people start talking sh!t to my passengers about how my car is slow..blah blah blah..so we call them out one by one...1.) S-10 truck...(dont laugh)..[owned]...97 Eclipse GS [owned]..and cavalier..bodykit, spoiler..everything...[owned]..then the real challenge .. a nicely done 2002 Celica...we punch it from a 25 mph roll like the above races...and he pulls about a car length ahead..after 3rd..then the end of 3rd i was pulling him in...and i missed 4th :( ...so he got me by about a car length...

thhhhhhhhhhhhhhen...the best one!! :D ...okay there is a group around here that pretty much runs the street racing scene..they have volkswagons t/c'd...cabriolets t/c'd...etc..wellllll....there is a jetta that supposedly is completely stock but everyone knows its complete bs..anyways..its a vr6...lowered..rims..etc...(actually looks decent)..anyways..so the whole town pretty much gathers at a parking lot..and they tell me not to do it..there is no point..etc etc etc...well..i told em, i was taking friends home..and just to follow me..and we'll go..so we go to the same road from a 25 mph roll..and we're door to door..then he pulls out where my right front fender is at his back fender..and he continues to pull about half a car...with me close behind..and he then shuts it off...I WENT NUTS!!...i just kept up with one of the "fastest" cars in the city....and im only running 6psi.. (due to a leaky bov..and a new bov, and uicp is on the way!!!)..haha

sorry...haha had to vent my excitement somewhere...and i know venting to the atmosphere is bad..so i figured id type :D :D
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good kills......why 25? my best rolling starts are at 40 in 2nd gear. dont worry about the jetta...few bolt-on's and it wont be close.
abqdsm said:
good kills......why 25? my best rolling starts are at 40 in 2nd gear. dont worry about the jetta...few bolt-on's and it wont be close.
yea..appreciate it bro..and i was thinkin the same thing about the jetta...im actually expecting my bov..and uicp to put me past em..and iunno why we didnt try 40 mph rolls..they're cocks
true true.....the one reason i know that you will hurt his feelings is because when i was stock except for small 16g intake and exhaust i was taking the Golf R32.
I like running from a dig. :devil:
Good kill. You said you had passengers too. WTF>>??
yea i had 2 people in the car with me..not to mention a bazooka tube and 2 10's in a box
The fastest car in your town is a jetta?Im pretty sure a teggi could take him,haha.don't get me wrong the VR6 is a bautyfull engine that begs to be revved but damm,nobody owns a stang?,LS/LT-1?a C-4 nuthin,Old school supra?Well I'm sur you would of taken him without any passengers.Good luck on your next race.I walked a teggy on the hwy this weekend without even downshifting of an on ramp,he got so pissed,you now what came after that...Flyby. :rolleyes:
well i said its one of the fastest..we do have a few camaros and a golf that is turbo'd..and a few old school muscle cars
Congrats on the kills.

If you got rid of the 2 passengers and subs, you would've put away that jetta for sure.
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