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Need a Used (working) Turbo!!!! any offers?

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as the title says i'm looking for a used turbo for my talon. i heard alot about rebuild kits and don't find it fun to mess with or have to pay for it balanced so it leads me to finding a used one.
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look in the classifieds of this site or over in tuners. this thread is going to be closed shortly due to you not following the rules
I have a big 16 for sale...Its ported on the turbine side and works very well. Minimal shaft play....I upgraded to an evo 16g so Im letting it go cheap...Hit me with an offer if your interested. I can also get you some pictures if you'd like.
closed... and likely both banned, or final warning..
oh ok......sorry never cared to read that section of the agreement, no need to act crazy. thank you.....and bruiah if its an expensive one from the start your prolly gonna be wanting alot, in which i don't have much money thats why i was asking for a used stock one. thanks tho unless your offerin real cheep like a used stock one.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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