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Hello evryone,
I own a nice Dodge Stealth R\T 1992 since 1997. I am facing a problem new and would gladly need for help and experience.
Here is the thing: last year (2019), for the 1st time my Stealth did not wanted to start. I got all the electricity working, but the motor did not want to turn on! I thought it was the battery, so I bought one in all Lead.
Still did not wanted to start. I brought it to my mecanic. He told me that it "might" be my computer. He advised me to bring it directly to the dealer. So I did.
The dealer told me the exact same thing: it "MIGHT" be the computer. The cost: 2000$-2500$ just for the part, plus plus plus. But, if it is not that, there is no RETURN, I will be stuck with it!
Got to say that, I did not drived my car to waist all the gaz....so right now, there is still gaz old for 4 years!
You think it might be the old gaz?
Might be the candles and wires (old for about 6-7 years, 1200km)??
You had the same problem?
Thanks alot for your reply's
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