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I was originally having an issue with voltage/rpm drop when both my fans kicked on because I had wired them from the same primary fan source.

Now my first fan is still wired off the original fan wires that come off of the passenger side inner fender (and have the coolant temp sensor wire in the bundle as well. This fan kicks on when the motor hits temp and works fine. I am trying to hook up the second fan now using the plug that used to go to the A/C fan so there wont be so much load.

I could only find one post about doing this and I will post a picture of what they said to do below. I re-installed the a/c fuse box, fan speed switch, and a/c button/switch (I had previously had these removed as I don't have heat/ac/blowers etc in the car).

I then connected (from the old a/c fan plug) the solid blue wire and the blue with black line wire to the positive fan wire. I then connected the solid black and black with white stripe wire to the ground wire of the fan.

THE ISSUE: Now when the car is running and the main fan kicks on- I cannot get the second fan that is connected to the a/c fan plug to also kick on. It doesn't matter if I have the a/c button clicked on and the fan speed switch on- It still wont kick on.

Could anyone help me resolve this issue? Thanks.

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