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Need some DSM eyes to identify some photos (1g in a 2g)

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The car is a TSI "1g in a 2g" with a 16g Turbo.

Photos are included if you'd like to skim them instead of read i fully understand, please just let me know if you recognize any of the items circled in red.

The car runs and drives, has some jam but also has some funky issues at times.

Due to the swapped motor there are allot of plugs and items of interest that i would like assistance identifying that could be from either generation of DSM.

Sometimes it goes into limp mode, sometime it feels weak/gutless and other times it kicks loud and hard. Probably depends what CEL codes are active at any given time!

Some key points:
  • Charcoal canister and likely most related systems are not hooked up or missing
  • The A/C system is fully removed
  • Power steering still exists and works
  • The intercooler/turbo kit is aftermarket and i have suspicion that the BOV doesn't work
More car details can be found below, feel free to ask any questions or give me suggestions to my ailments.. Here are the photos i'd like identified:

What is this doing on my fuel rail and why can't i find it on other 4g63 photos online?
(PHOTO #1)

Another angle where it is threaded right into the fuel rail:
(PHOTO #2)

Due to the location behind the throttle i have a feeling these may be related to the "Charcoal canister" and related systems.. Any better ideas?
(PHOTO #3)

Around 8 years ago i vaguely remember someone on this forum had me plug this green wire near the trans linkage to my throttle which fixed the idle to 500rpm. However the same thread also had me remove the potentiometer/variable resistor from my ECU's barometric pressure sensor in a quest to "Get it back to stock" even though its a 6bolt swap. I now know that the potentiometer is a legitimate solution from MagnusMotorsports official 1g in a 2g guide and that my quest to make a car without a stock motor "Stock" was futile. So anyone know if this wire belongs on the throttle?
(PHOTO #4)

There are also these 2 connectors on my harness, i know the 6bolt has less sensors but maybe someone can confirm which these belonged so to put my mind at ease.
(PHOTO #5)

These are right by my MAF. The one that looks like it should be bolted to the frame looks very similar to a couple i saw under my dash near the ECU.
(PHOTO #6)

These are the two similar looking ones i found between the stereo and ECU
(PHOTO #7)

Everwhere i look i find these kind of connectors hanging loose.. Behind the driver headlight and near power steering are these 3.. Any ideas? Fog lights maybe?
(PHOTO #8)

Now for the grand finally photo, the one that confuses me the most and everyone else i show it to!
I've gathered this to be most likely my rear O2 sensor housed in an oil filter to prevent burning my dash down.. I have a million questions before i go about putting it back where it belongs but the primary one would be the snipped wires and the capacitor rigged into it..
(PHOTO #9)

I didn't do the swap personally and it seems like it was not quite complete before they gave up, let the body rot and sold it. I did the body work and progressed a few things before letting it rot again for 8 more years and decided to revisit the project. The reason i don't believe it was "finished" is because easy steps like vac lines missing to the wastegate.. Perhaps they were waiting for a boost controller? i just hooked it up to the intake for the time being which seems to hold it at 15psi instead of the 20+ it hit to fuel cutoff before i knew it wasn't hooked up.

I've reviewed the guide created by MagnusMotorsport for installing the 1g motor into a 2g body and confirmed to the best of my knowledge that the previous owner did the swap along those guidelines. The motor mount is shaved to fit the waterpump and the 1g CAS was utilized to provide both cam and crank signals to the ECU. While he didn't get the proper chips to invert the cam signals he instead went the route of shuffling the injector wires around as detailed here "RRE Instructions". I haven't confirmed if he had also moved the spark wires however it everything else seemed to the guide spec so far. (i'll try to check that tomorrow)

Any thoughts from those that read through it all? And for those who skimmed, any identifications for those photos?

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I found out what is up with the O2 sensor. Its a rear O2 bypass/simulator. Making your own rear o2 bypass/simulator

The quest for the other mysteries plugs continues.
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