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need some help with a question

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so i might get this talon hopefully, and the guy said it was idling and then shut off, what could that be that made it do that, timing off, collapsed valve or something, he said it spun the flywheel, or a tensioner, what do you guys think, email me at [email protected] if you have an info.
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Get more info from him. A flywheel and a tensioner are very different things and im not sure how you could "spin" either.

Do not buy the car unless you do a compression test.
The possibilities are endless. You need more information. It could be jumped timing or several other things. For all you know every single valve could be bent. I would get some more information. Have someone knowledgeable look at it for you.

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thanks guys, i knew he didn't really make any sense of whta he said, they do not make sense, i kow mos t ways but thanks guys it means alot i am going to look further into it.
If timing belt skipped, it should crank fast like no compression. you should compression check.

Well if the timing belt broke, then your looking at a rebuilt head/valvetrain/t-belt/tensioners/the whole 9 yards basically....

Better be selling it cheap
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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