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New 1.8 intake manifold

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What do one of these go for?

Thanks in advance.
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in looking for new parts for my 1.8 talon I found that, well, there aren't very many, I haven't seen a intake manifold for a 1.8, is your's going bad or does it just look like crap? if it just looks bad you can take it off, clean it and paint it with hight temp paint or send it to get powdercoated. if yours is going bad then I suggest getting another used one as they don't crack or leak very often, if when searching you do find a new 1.8l intake I will be very surprised, hope I helped, James.
it will go for around $0.03 or $0.04 if your lucky. actually, they're not worth a lot. you should be able to score one on ebay pretty cheap.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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