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New 4g37 owner

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Hi, my name is William (i'm new) and I just bought a 1993 Plymouth Laser with the 4g37. Well, my problem is that the flex on the exhaust is bad. Where can I find one? Also, I'm gonna buy a turbo manifold off of a 1.6 turbo out of the Colt and Mirage. Now my problem is where can I find pistons and connecting rods for the 4g37 that will handle boost? I'm getting all the piping off of someone I know, and also what about the MAF in the air cleaner? What should I do about that? ALSO, the back brakes act strange. They eat up brake pads like crazy. The guy told me there is some kind of proportioning valve, and if it goes bad, it will eat the brakes up. Thanks.
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if you're going the turbo route, just get an entire 2.5" exhaust to replace it. custom pipes and a muffler is the cheapest option you have. The only bad thing about that manifold is that it's a very weird flange (3 bolt). The flange is the same as on the 3000gt vr4s so, if you can find a tdo4 13g and use that, you'd have a nice small turbo to use. However, If your friend can get you some nice mandrel bent tubing, going for a custom manifold that can use a standard mitsu flange (4 bolt)

Unfortunately I haven't seen off-the-shelf pistons and rods available for the 4g37 motor. You can always go custom on those as well, it's not cheap.

The stock maf will get overrun in a turbo application, you can choose what you want. Whether it be a turbo maf, gm maf + translator, or a VPC setup.

Also be sure to read the turbo FAQ in this section, it will answer every question you could come up with for building up and turbo'ing a 4g37.

With all I've said, I recommend doing your maitenance first. Proportioners are relatively cheap, usually around $40.00 and then I'd recommend getting your rotors turned, new brake pads and bleed the entire brake system with brand new fluid.

I'll be honest with you, a 1.8 was my first car, and I still have it to this day, its a damn good daily driver. However, it's going to be more expensive to mod than a turbo AWD to get the results that a turbo AWD car will get with less than $1000 invested. I'm not going to tell you to sell it for a turbo, I don't know how old/young you are, but insurance for a new driver on a turbo car isn't exactly cheap.

And most of all, have fun and welcome to the site.
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I would definately get the flex for the exhaust from a j/y. Wouldn't know where to begin looking for that.
Performance Kit

that is a link to a performance rebiuld kit for our 4g37. That is the first kit i have ever found that sells actual after market pistons and rings.. the kit includes,

Complete Gasket Set
Copper Performance Head Gasket
ROSS/Wiseco Forged Pistons
(81, 81.5, 82mm) and (9-1, 9.5-1, 10-1 comp ratio)
Performance Rings
Performance Wrist Pins
Federal Mogul Main Bearings
Federal Mogul Rod Bearings
Timing Belt

Additional Parts Available (not included in HP Kit):
Connecting Rods (Pauter) ELC37

Call to order:
(603) 378-0090

For 879.00 i don't think thats bad considering JE pistons custom made cost 600.00. Our rods are very strong and will handle what ull be putting towards them.. I have a colt mirage turbo manifold also, but i did get a turbo off a 3000gt that can bolt up with some modifications..
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The new flex section can be bought from RRE. Ive also seen them for sale at NAPA. The ones that RRE sells are a 2.5 inch min I believe.
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